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Jack Sarfatti
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Born September 14, 1939 (age 74)[1]
Brooklyn, New York
Residence North Beach, San Francisco
Education B.A. (Cornell University, 1960)
M.S. (UC San Diego, 1967)
Ph.D. (UC Riverside, 1969)

Website: http://stardrive.org

Jack Sarfatti (born September 14, 1939) is an American theoretical physicist. Working largely outside academia, Sarfatti specializes in the idea that there is a relationship between quantum physics and consciousness.[2] He argues that mind may be crucial to the structure of matter, that retrocausality may be possible, and that physics—which he calls the "Conceptual Art of the late 20th Century"—has replaced philosophy as the unifying force between science and art.[3]

Sarfatti was part of an informal group of physicists in California known as the Fundamental Fysiks Group, who in the 1970s, according to David Kaiser, a physicist and historian of science at MIT, helped to nurture some of the alternative ideas in quantum physics that today form the basis of quantum information science.[4]

He was co-author, along with physicist Fred Alan Wolf, of Bob Toben's Space-Time and Beyond (1975), and has self-published three of his own books, Space-Time And Beyond II (2002), Destiny Matrix (2002), and Super Cosmos (2005).[5]

See the article "Cultural Breakthroughs" by Professor Max Heirich, University of Michigan, American Behavioral Scientist, Vol 19, No.6, July/August 1976 (hyperlink in Further Reading below) for an insightful addition to Kaiser's book.

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