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An Internal Relativists realizes that Planck's constant, and the method or derivation, is based on a physical model that is impossible[1]. Even logically, that is false. Therefore, all logical thinking within the Digital Plausality Toy Theory ignores a false abstraction of a reality that had to be dubbed with quantum-fuzziness to be explained.

There exists in a growing number of minds the mental pictures invoked by a toy theory of logical thinking, Digital Plausality, a toy theory of reality.

Internal Relativity is about the time-lens created by the positive Coulomb field. As such, to approach the very center of a nuclear spin-mass would be to enter a spatial volume near the nucleus that seems further away in the amount of time it takes to transit closer to the nuclear mass-center.

The camp of Internal Relativists are private, and communicate only among themselves, as the race of late has bifurcated into two general groups in all disciplines:

  1. Those who exhaustively interpret data against conclusions not pre-ordained as thought worthy only if the interpretation falls within certain axioms humans are chanting in their group mind.
  2. Those whos strive to refine and extend the existing, antique, and flawed citational tree.

Logical Percepts of Internal Relativists

  1. The orthogonal EM Lorentz effect creates dual spirals at the poles of a magnetic domain, whose outer arms form the engulfing outer toroidal field, while the three-dimensional reality of the EM energy generates a conjugal attraction of some resonant harmonic components of the energy to itself[2].
  2. The higher harmonics form a Z-pinch. This Z-pinch delays completion of outer-coupling to the inner harmonics. This is the effect of the Z-pinch, and that conjugal attraction is based on the dual-integer-harmonics of the toroidal system.
  3. Logical reckoning reveals the simultaneity of a resonant envelope experiences an anisotropic coupling with the space-timing fabric hosting EM transitional quantum mediation of force. The anisotropy is formed by the accelerating strain experienced by the conjugal Z-pinch.
  4. The Z-pinch axis is the strain-axis, and the strain is nullified by the dual halves, distributed throughout the harmonic envelope.
  5. Statistical involvement of quantum strain systems mediating force will produce a mass-delay associated with the longer-time needed to interact with the slower portion of the harmonic envelope.
  6. Mass is simulated by the nuclear waveform.
  7. The apparent diameter of the nucleus, extremely small in proportion to the radius of the lower resonant harmonics of the system, the atoms, is actually, per the Internal Relativists, optical lensing of the EM coupling. The Coulomb field is a time lens.
  8. The Coulomb field is a classical vector boson, by definition, as it can host multiple quanta of energy as the same point center, unlike electrons which are classified by behavior as fermions, which must remain separated with separate centers.
  9. Amplified instance of coherent Coulomb fields, as realized by the Chief Internal Relativists, Frank Znidarsic are termed coherent matter waves. Programmatic manipulation of matter wave coherence is the vehicle affording a Control of the Natural Forces, to borrow Znidarsic's theory paper's title.
  10. These create a gradient of the flatness of space-timing, a point-centered gradient in the vacuum impedance.
  11. The information of the purturbation is propagated within the Dominion of the Superluminal Aether, justifying the mathematics of frame-drag theory.

Chants of the External Relativist

  1. Time is a tangible/tractible dimension (because we see it drawn on mathematical illustrations).
  2. Time propagates on a dimension which is traversible (because a pencil can draw in either direction on an illustrated time-line).
  3. Time-travel is possible (because one can cut and paste pictures of people anywhere on an illustrated pencil mark).
  4. Simultaneity makes sense.

To be continued.


  1. Frank Znidarsic, Control of the Natural Forces (20) Classical physics reveals the cloaking-frequency of the electron-shell as a scale-dependent calculation as a function of matter nucleon count, proton count, towards programmatic electronic coupling into various nuclear-effects of a coherent proton group-wave while pinned in a matter-lattice. –2010 DEM
  2. Conjugal attraction of toroidal harmonic components: consider the torus knot as natures example, wherein an inrolling toroidal dynamic also spins on its axis. The center hole hosts higher harmonics when the entire toroidal wavegroup is a harmonic unit.