Impulse and Coherence - Reality of Mind

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Mind is patterns of purpose; questing, testing, and sharing.

Mind is the phenomenon of the Universal one in a local self-reference.

Mind must occupy a chamber of resonance.

Mind is not limited to the chamber, but may traverse endless scales of self-reference.

Impulse events of the synaptic network define a chamber in time, cohering to the self-reference of mind

Myriad of synaptic events create (define, inscribe) a dimple in perceptual space time as whirls of interplay mapping character qualities to a torsional artifact[1] within our biocosm —a.k.a., the corporeal mind.

  1. torsional artifact: such artifact of 'living' that affords the escape of mental energy into an aware moment. The 'thing' in reality that affords a recall of things remembered from structured, living flesh.