Hyperbolic pulse convergence

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This title is just words on a page that touch on a cornerstone of physics, expanding to a new age of distributed energy systems as a commodity founding new harmony at the demise of oil dependency and the enlivening and excitement of change by our own choice.

The thing guarded most by science seems to project a pattern. Those cultural entities holding proprietary knowledge about how to tear a hole in the universe are afraid. They are afraid the nature of our specie may do that. Today's world is ruled by fearful leaders, always seeking knowledge to ensure their survival, while our survival seems to be frequently expendable —as we have now all recently experienced a horrible decade of war brought on by lies and deceits.

America, and alies of the original Bush wars: You and I have some reckoning to do. We moan and wail for our dead in a surprise attack of 9-11. Who moans and wails for those 1/5 BILLION Iraqi citizens our leaders of war claim we went there to liberate? What fools the populous of America have become, so trusting of a media of equally callous reaction, whoring patriotism for channel ratings while the voice of 200 hundred million humans have been silenced forever, all in the hunt for a broken tyrant —a hunt founded upon lies complexified by power and deceit at all levels of the stupid governing the blind --that's you and me, Jack.

This race's proclivity to look the other way while we remain comfortable is sadly sickening. I want no part and I'm part of the cause. So are you.

The world waits into the second decade for the war monkeys to continue suppression in fear mongering —creating a glass-ceiling upon the genetic heritage of the human race. Each generation of human control of such power has been ever more alienating of the unknown elite. What creatures of discompassion have they become? What humans of another race are they now, perhaps after these millenia? They shape not our quest for our advantage, but theirs.

Recently, many realize collectively that we have been screwed by the economic manipulation by a few elite. I will share this with you now to ponder --Those that screwed you aren't going to unscrew you.

The evident-destiny choice of our human race is at our hand. The division in the open evolutionary possibilities is in focus before our eyes. Our eyes are yet blurred, while we awaken slowly to the impact of a world information zone.

Worldwide, our intuitions are at a place to guide us in a unified choice to be the people, not the sheeple.

Be alive. Follow your urgency. Be gentle. Be vocal. Be the force of nature. Nature is in your genes. Shed the veil of ignorance we have believed now millenia.

2010 DEM