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Frank Znidarsic

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Frank Znidarsic
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A rare talent for translating between physical intuition and mathematics

Znidarsic’s strength is his ability to translate effortlessly between abstruse theoretical/ mathematical concepts and physical intuitions of mechanical and electrical interactions; a rare talent in danger of being snuffed out altogether by an education system that separates scientists from engineers, the theoretical and academic from the practical and technical.

From The Z Theory of Everything, Institute of Science in Society

Frank Znidarsic

Frank Znidarsic, EE.  From Infinite Energy, Sept/Oct 2009, Issue 87.
Rogue physicist and visionary. The new Einstein. Recognized the cause of Planck's constant.

"Discontinuities are produced when the intensity of a force field exceeds the elastic limit of space. The natural forces are pinned into the structure of matter by these discontinuities. This is the condition of the stationay quantum state. The stimulation of a quantum system at the dimensional frequency of 1.094 megahertz-meters releases the elastic limit's grip on the natural forces. The forces slip into another configuration. This is the process of quantum transition. These affects establish the quantum condition of the universe. These concepts have been applied from the energy levels of the atomic states (a few electron volts) to the energy levels associated with the nuclear transmutations (millions of electron volts).

This understanding reveals several revolutionary technologies." —Frank Znidarsic, Control of the Natural Forces

Frank Znidarsic interview by Blue Science (Youtube)

Frank Znidarsic interview by Tim Ventura

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Books by Frank

Energy, Cold Fusion, and Antigravity (Znidarsic Science Books) by Frank Znidarsic PE (Nov 24, 2012)
Electronics Project (Znidarsic Science Books) by Frank Znidarsic (Mar 25, 2012)
Elementary Antigravity II (Znidarsic Science Books) by Frank Znidarsic (Apr 23, 2012)
Elementary Antigravity by Frank Znidarsic (1989)
Elementary Antigravity by Frank Znidarsic (Jan 1, 1989)

Amazon book review:

Energy, Cold Fusion, & Antigravity, Znidarsic Science Books (Paperback) by Frank Znidarsic

A steal for the price. Frank's book breaks down as follows:

1) Modern Energy Alternatives and Their Short-Comings
2) Frank's Exploration into LENR/Anti-Gravity in Mid-Late 90s
3) Frank's Theory of the Transitional Quantum State
- Accounts for Planck's Constant, State-Transition, Energy Level of Photons, etc.
- Accounts for LENR as a byproduct of the amplified magneto component of the strong force (aka spin orbit force)
- Accounts for Anti-Gravity as a byproduct of the amplified magneto component of gravitational force
- Stimulation/Transition of BEC Structures Critical to Effects Manifesting

First half of book for the general reader, second half heavier on the mathematical derivation. Something for everyone, and even if Frank didn't write about the more speculative fields of LENR/Anti-Gravity at all I think his theory would have merit/stand alone simply because it seems to solve many quantum enigmas from a classical approach.

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  • Elementary Antigravity, 1st edition. Published January 1, 1989 by Vantage
  • A Reconciliation of Quantum Physics and Special Relativity, December 2005, Rev #1
  • The Elastic Limit of Space and the Quantum Condition

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