Plausibility: Control of the effect of Gravity in two sentences (theory and method)

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Einstein Electricity Equations

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Bulletin of the American Physical Society
Abstract: X21.00009 : Electricity from Gravity

Author:  Roy Masters

Einstein's cosmological constant as gravity, will unify quantum mechanics to general relativity
and link gravity to electromagnetism. Then, an electromagnetic vacuum engine driven by the force
that spins, moves, and sustains mass at the subatomic level, will do free, what generators cannot.
Flowing outward-bound sinusoidally from its source, this gravity force assumes a three-dimensional
spherical universe. Lines of force intersect, spinning into gyroscopic particles and passes as
time-present, with a compression gravity of space-time curvature continuum unifying all
mass. The spaces between approaching masses suffer a decrease of right-angled vacuum energy,
increasing external pressures, pushing them together. Ubiquitous gravity now interacts
electromagnetically with mass. Gravity's heat energy operates below absolute zero and squeezes
mass into thermonuclear ignition of stars. Creation needs a gravity field for the propagation of
light that will make sense of its wave/particle behavior. Creation from a white hole recycles down
through a black one, into new beginnings of galaxies. Vacuum energy will light cities and
factories; faster than light spacecraft will raise silently from the ground utilizing the very
gravity it defies, propelling us to the stars.

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