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Einstein's Marital Demands

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Einstein's Marital Demands

Albert and Mileva 1100x878.png
An excerpt written by Josh Jones, a writer and musician based in Durham, NC.
Sourced from: Einstein: His Life and Universe, 2008 (


A. You will make sure:

1. that my clothes and laundry are kept in good order;
2. that I will receive my three meals regularly in my room;
3. that my bedroom and study are kept neat, and especially that my desk is left for my use only.

B. You will renounce all personal relations with me insofar as they are not completely necessary for social reasons. Specifically, You will forego:

1. my sitting at home with you;
2. my going out or travelling with you.

C. You will obey the following points in your relations with me:

1. you will not expect any intimacy from me, nor will you reproach me in any way;
2. you will stop talking to me if I request it;
3. you will leave my bedroom or study immediately without protest if I request it.

D. You will undertake not to belittle me in front of our children, either through words or behavior.

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MY LITTLE WITCH - Albert & Mileva Einstein’s Love Letters

Production: Serbia 2009/2012
Premièred June 14, 2009 in Kulturhaus Helferei in Zurich, Switzerland. Revised/Post produced 2012.
This little film has had a remarkable 'life path', even though it came about entirely unplanned. It should have been a theatre play, made for the occasion of the delayed assembly of a new gravestone to Mileva Marich-Einstein, by the Ministry of Diaspora by the Republic of Serbia. The first gravestone at Mrs. Einstein’s grave in the “Ally of the deserving” at the Zurich Nordheim Kirchof was removed due to unpaid cemetery bills in 1974. The Serbian Government and the Serbian Orthodox Church in Switzerland inaugurated the present monument at the same spot in 2009. MY LITTLE WITCH is the first ‘motion picture’ to publish a register made in 1971 by Hans Albert Einstein, Albert and Mileva eldest son, which lists 24 scientific articles that he claims to be positive on that his parents worked together on its making (1901-1910). To be specific: there are 22 he is sure of and 2 (from 1911) that he is not sure of, as stated by him. Due of its documentary art, by the end of 2009, the film ‘My Little Witch’ had set forth the naming of a new institute for quantum researches after Mrs. Mileva Marich-Einstein at the ETH (earlier Polytechnicum) in Zurich, where the Einsteins met during their studies. It has further been screened many times at the RTS TV2 - the Serbian National Broadcasting and viewed by a surprisingly large number of people. It also opened the Art-Documentary Film Festival in Parnu in July 2010 and was screened at the EstiTV2. It is now a regular teaching tool in Physics and Serbian language (because of the letter-form) in the prestigious elementary school Drinka Pavlovic in Belgrade. In 2010 My Little Witch was viewed at the Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Belgrade, along with a lecture held by its author Anastasia H. Larvoll, Gender Historian, which was the very first academic discussion on the topic of Mileva Maric's scientific role and possible contributions to Albert Einstein's life and work. It was fierce and furthered a series of seminars, lectures and discussions on this highly touchy subject, which culminated in a large academic seminar at the prestigious “Kolarac Foundation” in Belgrade, January-February 2012. The subject of Einstein’s collaborations and overlapping of scientific concusions with other scientist of the era was the topic of the month-long seminar “Einstein or…” held by four experts – Prof. PhD Rados Bakic (Mathematician), Prof. PhD Aleksandar Lipkovski (Mathematician), M. Sci Anastasia Larvoll (Gender Historian) and Prof. PhD Miomir Kapetanovic. The seminar drew great attention of the public, especially Larvoll’s talk. Her talk “On the Relativity of a Love Story” presented a new thesis based on completely newfound data at the Albert Einstein Archive of the Hebraic University in Jerusalem, which opened for researches after 50 years in 2006. (Book by Prof. PhD Radmila Milentijevic, Historian, published in Serbia 2010, France 2012, but the original in English has unfortunately not come out yet.) After this, the film has been regularly screened as a part of Larvoll’s lectures, once more at the Institute for Mathematics of the SASA, this time received with respect, at the festival “May Months of Mathematics” that SASA organize annually with the National Center for Promotion of Sciences, on eminent festivals like “Raski Duhovni Dani” etc. In 2012, a street in Belgrade was finally named after Mileva Maric-Einstein. Retrieved by Admin (talk) 14:45, 31 July 2016 (EDT) from