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Beginning with the early days of 300 baud modems and waiting for a message over the internet to fill the screen with text characters on a monochrome monitor, archives began to appear that amassed many strange, esoteric, and wonderful mysteries.

The interactive bulletin board systems soon happened, and communities of like interests emerged. These were hosted by individuals that would contract sometimes dozens of incoming telephone lines so that people in a locality could dial-up a BBS.

Then the internet happened. Arcane libraries filled megabytes of content dripping sites that were previously only available through hardbound books, but difficult to locate. Now available to anyone with the curiosity to type a term in a search engine, a knowledge questing community emerged, curious minds around the world found a community.

Shortly after the sad but inevitable commercialization of the web came another popular movement —social networks. Since the few internet millionaires had early on cached in on pornographic sites into multi-thousand membership sites, nothing had ever gathered more people under one advertising banner flashing attention distracting rubbish --until discussion groups. Early focus groups were inundated with an entire spectrum of personality types. The curious minds surrounding the native genius that could explain wonders from the rich information archives was brought into the sites of the generation of video-game-trained attack-minded latch-key kids (in young adult bodies) from the hubristic, hateful muck of social web sites that invited stupid, unfounded, and plain hateful comments. The once lofty internet discussion group was replaced by a stupid-comment mentality crowd. Passive-aggressive attitudes paraded under an auspice of I'm so right, you're so wrong. Moreover, the moderators of the old groups that were wise left the morass, forming private sites, and hiding from barrage after wave of hate comments. The world melted down to the equivalent of an unruly school bus emitting a raucuous din as it rolled through the neighborhood.

From the memory of the 'good ol' days' when the issue was the content, not how well can someone deride an intelligent discussion, you are invited to join a new discussion.

This discussion will proceed under a new protocol of emergence from within a community of appreciation.

Sign up on the outbound notification list at google.com A Playground of Mind celebrates the uniqueness of each gift of Soul every person possesses. This project may start slow. It may explode with excitement. But A Playground of Mind will emerge into the daylight faster with your help. Please join this project with a spirit of support and excitement to be able to navigate through a dream land of possibility. If you are a developer, consider helping plan, design, and implement a PHP/MySQL programming solution to stream structured documents that will unite the imaginations of a membership unlike anything yet realized.

My warmest regards, and appreciation for your hope and patience,

DonEMitchell facilitator of A Playground of Mind

p.s. the initiative of 'Playground of Mind' is on hold due to my apparent inherent ability to alienate rather than consolidate those seekers. Personally I feel that many want to be enjoined with stimulating discussion, but the time/place is yet to be found.

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