Do fields exist?

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Do fields exist?
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by DonEMitchell
An evolving document emerging as the group intelligence about a significant topic exposing the importance of a model to the mathematics of physics.
This question is presented as a practice-and-discovery question-and-answer evolving document —a group focus for a larger meta-viewpoint of a seminal question in physics.
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Do fields exist?

Candidate synonymous questions

Is there physical essence constituting the volume of the affected field area in electromagnetic principles?

  • Are principles tangible?
  • Are ocean waves tangible but not the ocean tangible?
  • Is the ocean wave the ocean? Vice versa?
  • Do ocean waves exist?
  • Is there another particle beyond the particles of the medium of wave transport that constitutes a physical essence of the ocean wave? [A rhetorical question. Answer: No.]

Candidate synonymous counter-questions

  • If a field is a tangible particle essence, then is the force created within a field a real force?

Plausible answer #1

  • Submitted by DonEMitchell.
  • A field is a gradient across/throughout a volume of aether-space, that maps a force vector, of amplitude and direction, for any one point location within this discontinuity of aether-space.
  • The aether (pervading all space AS SPACE, i.e., no aether, no space) may have a local point-centered spherical, or elliptoidal perturbation in a region of space. Within the homogeneity of aether-space, such discontinuity within an even distribution of energy density throughout aether-space,