Plausibility: Control of the effect of Gravity in two sentences (theory and method)

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Common Antigravity Engine

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psiFiNucleosonic⋅Common Antigravity Engine

PSIence fictionirregular science[1]

Common Antigravity Engine
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Definition in detail is proprietary, dangerous to the unprepared, and mocking to whomever may already be in production of the same.

Concept emergence is requested AT A COMMON CULTURAL LEVEL.

Enough of the over-lord attitudes and DO BEGIN decloaking of the existing reality apparent —requested as germain for this cycle RIGHT NOW.

Signed: The Prophet in all of us (we see you in the category bias of our cultures)

DonEMitchell 10:57, 15 December 2011 (MST)

  1. yet, experimenter/Builder Gilds are encouraged.