Color TV High-Voltage Power Supply

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hv_warning_100x83.png CAUTION! High voltage equipment is inherently lethal! Use all caution, and be aware!

A television picture tube is a storage capacitor —a very efficient Leyden Jar.

The stored energy, at a high voltage [1] will persist for hours.

Safety Procedure: short the connector under the rubber boot attaching the high-voltage to the picture tube. Slide the point of a grounded (to the chassis) ice-pick under the rubber to the metal spring clips attaching to the picture tube.

Tips for Color TV Conversion to a HV Power Supply

A color television uses higher voltages than a black and white television.

The TV HV supply is designed to deliver voltage potential, not current. No appreciable load can be applied (high resistance loads, only) to the HV supply or it will be damaged.

Using Flyback Transformers

Flyback transformers are used in televisions to create the high voltage. These transformers may be removed and assembled into a chopper circuit for simple high voltage. These links will help familiarize.

Flyback Transformer
Efficient Flyback Driver Circuit w/555 Timer
Flyback transformer
How to find the primary and the secundary coils of a FlyBack transformer J. L. Naudin

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  1. Television safety notes [Citation needed]