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Chua Oscillator

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Chua's circuit is a simple and well known chaotic oscillator.

The focus on this study is toward creating a delicate balance that is perturbed by the environ of the circuit.


The Chua Oscillator is an electronic circuit based on a negative resistor that is modeled by an operational amplifier.

Chua circuit voltage waveform images (phase-space plots)


The effect of negative resistance creates a non-linear amplification of any dynamic found within the electronic voltage levels of the circuit. Minor circuit parameter changes can cause modal stability shifts. The chaotic re-trace between oscillation limits is prone to escape into stability that is determined by the prevailing attractor basin of the overall operating environ of the circuit.

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A fast and simple implementation of Chua’s oscillator using a “cubic–like” Chua diode

Keith O’Donoghue Michael Peter Kennedy Peadar Forbes


The nonlinearity in Chua’s oscillator is commonly implemented as a three-segment piecewise-linear resistor. The piecewise-linear nature of the element means that the implementation requires a significant amount of circuitry and the speed of operation is limited. The qualitative behavior of Chua’s oscillator has also been captured using a smooth cubic nonlinearity; the implementation of the latter also requires a significant amount of circuitry and suffers from limited speed of operation.

This work describes a novel implementation of Chua’s oscillator using just four transistors and a battery to produce a cubic-like nonlinearity. The circuit is simple, robust, and capable of operating at frequencies over one thousand times that of the original Chua’s oscillator.

∗Department of Microelectronic Engineering, University College Cork, Ireland, e-mail
†Tyndall National Institute, Lee Maltings, Cork, Ireland. e-mail
‡Analog Devices, Raheen Industrial Estate, Limerick, Ireland, e-mail

Link A_Fast_And_Simple_Implementation_Of_Chua_Oscillator.pdf


  • Plasmon resonance coupling to chaotic Chua Oscillator

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