Bose-Einstein condensate

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Bose-Einstein condensate
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A state of matter and/or energy without thermal energy.

BEC Bose Nova

Comment on Mini-blackholes
JTankers Aug 29, 2008 8
59 AM Middleton, United States

I left the following related comment at Alan's article Suit Alleges CERN in Violation of Human Rights, which addresses possible BEC (Bose-Einstein Condensate) safety issues.

University of Stuttgart scientists are creating Bose Nova implosion/explosions with chromium-52.[1]

Bose Nova occur when a large number of atoms condense to a point of extreme density, thousands or millions of atoms condensed to the size of a single atom, theoretically capable of creating a micro black hole (yes, a real micro black hole, a microscopic version of a large dieing star collapsing to a black hole then exploding as a Supernova).

No one knows if these experiments have actually created any micro black holes, but when half of the atoms disappear you have to wonder if this indicates stable micro black hole creation.

A fascinating article including input from scientists who won Nobel prizes for research in this area in the article Collider Incidents.[2]

This research is a mirror image of the CERN Safety controversy, including speculations of potential danger and denials of the same, and even apparent misinformation, though it could also just be differences of scientific opinion. Absolutely Fascinating.

James Tankersley Jr.
Middleton WI

BEC video and mathematical simulations

by blenda (Youtube)

Rotating Bose-Einstein-Condensate in a harmonic trap

Q: Is the plot in a rotating frame of reference? And is the harmonic trap elliptical?
chrisbilbo56 Jan. 2010
A: An anisotropy is induced to excite the surface waves which lead to the vortices. But isotropy is restored at 0:16 to get a "non-stretched" lattice.
sblenda Jan. 2010

Simulation of a BEC under rapid Rotation in a Harmonic + Quartic Potential

Rotation of a rapid (Om=2.5) rotating Bose-Einstein-Condensate. The centrifugal force is compensated by a harmonic-plus-quartic potential. The Formation of a Vortex-lattice is clearly observable.
sblenda Nov. 2009

2D optical lattice simulation

Numerical solution of the 2D GrossPitaevskii equation using Fourier Spectral Method. The lattice deepth is decreased from V0=20 to V0=0.5 at t=1.
sblenda Nov. 2009

Rotating Bose-Einstein Condensate

by Pseudo1ntellectual (Youtube)

See also

  • Attractive Bose-Einstein condensates in three dimensions under rotation: Revisiting the problem of stability of the ground state in harmonic traps
Phys. Rev. A 83, 063615 (2011) [6 pages]

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