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Ferrite line to decrease rise time of high-voltage nanosecond pulses

V. Korchuganov, Y. Matveev, D. Shvedov

In proceeding of: Particle Accelerator Conference, 2001. PAC 2001. Proceedings of the 2001, Volume: 5 Source: IEEE Xplore

Fast kickers fed by high-voltage thyrotron generators are used for extraction of charged particles in e+e- colliders and synchrotron light sources. Thyratron generators can provide a rise time not less than (30-40) nsec. It is not always enough, especially for accelerator rings of small circumference. This work describes a method to achieve short rise time pulses with the help of coaxial lines filled with ferrite rings with a nonrectangular hysteresis loop and located between the thyratron generator and fast kicker. Pulses with a rise time of (2 - 3) nsec at a level of (0.1 - 0.9) from the amplitude were achieved at a 40 nsec initial rise time of thyratron generator pulses.
The length of the ferrite filled line is 800 mm

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