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Dan Winter video collection
Notes from a presentation by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov,
pioneer in measurment of information storage in water.

  • 43 properties of water
  • 14 forms of ice
  • ice is less dense than water
    • basis of life in norther parts of world
  • Phases of water
    • Liguid water
    • Gaseos, or vapor
    • Solid state
    • Clustered
  • Water is different after melting, and different than it will be in 4 of 5 hours after melting
  • Humans loose water with age, and is substituted by fat
  • Water can be dissociated for burning with high frequency
  • Water is very sensitive
  • Water memory: capacity to accept and keep information
  • Water information depends upon which vial it is kept in
  • Water near walls is diffenet than water in the center of a vessel
  • Movement near a surface has effect
  • Water can absorb external energy, in particular our own intentions
    • Measuring energy of water and space (vapors of water)
  • Five chinese elements: earth, air, fire, water, metal, wood, interrelated
  • We can't accept information when we're hungry
  • Quantum video camera, used in Russian to analyze human health state (auras?)
  • Clinical research, hospitials, many centers with quantum camera
  • Infomation created from light of energy field, visual information
  • Useful for study of water and other materials
  • various emotionally inducing things were done to influence water, gospel songs, mantra chants, etc.
    • Influences found on water by these things
    • Water absorbed more influence with musical tones than talking
  • Synthetic stuff was of differnet energy than natural stuff
  • Water can be found out now if it is dead or alive
    • Homeopathic remedies can now be found in the effectiveness through water energies
    • Work was done at Arizona University with water
  • Solar eclipse caused a 2.5% variation in water information... space time ripples
    • Eight minutes prior to the eclipse influences began
  • Water crystal freezing (Imoto) was studied not before or after but during Baikal ceremonies
  • Solovki Islands, Russia
    • Island has ancient tribal spirals, which had large effect on human energies before and after walking it
  • Venezuela expedition, near Brazil boarder, by car, and four days on foot to lost world escarpment
  • Measurements of water there with 5th element sensor showed big energy variations
  • Space around shamanic ceremony of ancient tribal culture was influenced by ceremony
    • The fractality was different (antenna test)
  • HHO Gas from electrolyzed water has very different properties, applied science ongoing