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When a dielectric medium is polarized by a proximal electric field, the medium is mechanically stressed BY the coupled electric field.

If the dielectric medium of an electrical capacitor is fabricated with asymmetric capacitor plates, such as a hemisphere and a smaller, embedded hemisphere separated by the dielectric medium, then there will be an inertial gradient produced along the line between the plates. More simply put, there will be an antigravity effect that will produce thrust electrically.

T. T. Brown

Asymmetric Capacitor Research was performed by Thomas Townsend Brown[1] in the 1920s, and then secretly for U.S. war research (pre-DARPA).

The TTBrown Effect is frequently the name used for an inertial thrust produced from charged, asymmetric capacitor plates.


T.T. Brown in his lab

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  1. Brown, Thomas Townsend (1905-1985) scientist and inventor, electrogravity research