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Abimelech's Forward Time Travel

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The books of Baruch and epistle of Jeremiah.

Counted among the apocrypha.

Peter Kirby surveys scholars writing on the book of 1 Baruch


Raymond F. Surburg writes: "In the first part (chapters 1-4) Jeremiah is told by Jehovah that the Chaldeans will destroy Jerusalem and that he should bury the sacred vessels from the temple.

After that he is to go into the Babylonian captivity.

Before the destruction of Jerusalem, Jeremiah sends Abimelech, a eunuch, to obtain figs from the orchard of Agrippa.

The eunuch falls asleep in the orchard and awakes 66 years later.

It is an old man who informs him what has transpired (ch. 5).

Jeremiah receives a letter from Baruch, who was instructed by God to tell Jeremiah that the Jews in Babylonia were to remove all foreigners from the midst of God's people, otherwise Jehovah would not bring His people back to Jerusalem.

Baruch's letter, together with figs that were fresh though plucked 66 years before, was conveyed to Babylonia by an eagle (ch. 6).

The eagle then did some remarkable things in raising a dead man to life and in persuading Jeremiah to bring the children of Judah back. Those Jews, however, who would not permanently separate from their heathen wives, were not allowed to return to Zion, but instead they founded the city of Samaria and the sect of the Samaritans (ch. 7-8).

The last part of the Paralipomena of Jeremiah records that Jeremiah fainted while offering sacrifices in Jerusalem but after three days became alive again, proceeding to praise God for the redemption made possible through Jesus Christ.

It was only after Jeremiah had given the Jewish populace permission, that they were able to stone the prophet to death (ch. 9)." (Introduction to the Intertestamental Period, p. 134)

—Peter Kirby
Paragraphs mine.


Abimelech the eunuch looses 66 years, per the old man.

English Translation of the Longer and Shorter Versions of the Paraleipomena Jeremiou

University of Pennsylvania Religious Studies

Retrieved 18:03, 23 May 2012 (MDT) from

  • 5.22

For how much time has passed since my father Jeremiah sent me to the estate of Agrippa to bring a few figs, so that I might give them to the sick among the people?

  • 5.23

And I went and got them, and when I came to a certain tree in the burning heat, I sat to rest a little; and I leaned my head on the basket and fell asleep.

  • 5.24

And when I awoke I uncovered the basket of figs, supposing that I was late; and I found the figs dripping milk, just as I had collected them.

  • 5.25

But you claim that the people have been taken captive into Babylon.

  • 5.26

But that you might know, take the figs and see!

  • 5.27

And he uncovered the basket of figs for the old man, and he saw them dripping milk.

  • 5.28

And when the old man saw them, he said: O my son, you are a righteous man, and God did not want you to see the desolation of the city, so he brought this trance upon you.

  • 5.29

For behold it is 66 years today since the people were taken captive into Babylon.

  • 5.30

But that you might learn, my son, that what I tell you is true -- look into the field and see that the ripening of the crops has not appeared.

  • 5.31

And notice that the figs are not in season, and be enlightened.

  • 5.32

Then Abimelech cried out in a loud voice, saying: I bless you, God of heaven and earth, the Rest of the souls of the righteous in every place!

  • 5.33

Then he said to the old man: What month is this?

  • 5.34

And he said: Nisan (which is Abib).

  • 5.35

And taking some of figs, he gave them to the old man and said to him: May God illumine your way to the city above, Jerusalem.

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